DNA Activation

Chapter Twenty-Six from the book ThetaHealing

The DNA Activation allows us to survive the environmental poisons created by man, as well as accelerates our psychic senses. As a species we are now evolving and are waking up dormant parts of our spiritual DNA. The DNA activation is now becoming a part of the Earth’s collective consciousness. 

The Dream into Reality
I was told by the Creator that if enough people have the Activation, then the whole of the earth consciousness will move up in its vibration. When this happens people will automatically be Activated from the collective consciousness that we all share. The Activation is a gift from the Creator as an opening to your intuitive gifts. From the moment that the Activation was done upon me, my life began to change. 

The Pineal Gland
Located in the middle of the brain is a small gland called the Pineal Gland. This gland has been called “House of the Soul”, and it has been referred to as such for thousand of years. Initially, modern science believed that the Pineal Gland was a completely nonfunctional gland in the body or that its functions were not understood. It was thought that the pituitary controlled everything in the body. Modern science has changed its mind since discovering that the Pineal Gland releases many substances that direct the pituitary in its function. It was only after the 1960's that scientists discovered that the pineal gland is responsible for the production of melatonin, which is regulated in a circadian rhythm (the body’s time clock). Melatonin is a derivative of the amino acid tryptophan, which also has other functions in the Central Nervous System. The production of melatonin by the pineal gland is stimulated by darkness and inhibited by light. You don’t have to be a scientist to do this technique, but you should know that the Pineal Gland is located exactly in the center of the brain; directly down from the crown and directly back of the third eye. Inside the Pineal Gland is where you will witness the Master Cell.

The Master Cell
Within the Pineal Gland is what is called the Master Cell, and it is this cell that is the operation center for all the other cells in the body. The Master Cell is the beginning point of healing for many of the functions that the body performs. Within this Master Cell is the chromosome of DNA that is the heart of the DNA Activation. Inside the Master Cell is a tiny universe all its own that is a master-key to our function. It runs everything in the body, from the color of our hair to the way we wiggle our feet. All parts of the body are controlled by the Program in the chromosomes and the DNA. Inside the Master Cell is the Youth and Vitality Chromosomes.

The Youth and Vitality Chromosomes 
You have forty-six Chromosomes (23 pairs of two strands each) in your body and each of those chromosomes have two strands each of DNA. The first two that you are going to be working on within the Master Cell are called the Youth and Vitality Chromosomes. These chromosomes are always in pairs, so if you activate one you obviously have to work on the other. I believe that the Youth and Vitality Chromosomes are called the Chronos and maintains track of the seconds, minutes and hours of the day for the body. The Youth and Vitality Chromosomes contain memory materials that are called Shadow Strands. 

The Shadow Strands
When you are inside the Master Cell you will witness as the Creator begins to build parts of the ladder to bring into physical form what is called the Shadow Strands. Shadow Strands are the invisible memory of the Youth and Vitality Chromosome, waiting to be formed and awakened to bring us back to the Creator of All That Is. In the evolution of mankind the accumulation of negative memories and feelings changed part of the chromosomes and DNA. This lowered our resistance to different diseases. Only a memory remained from these changes in the form of the Shadow Strands.

You will witness as the Shadow Strands form new parts to the chromosomal ladder. The new parts of the ladder are held together and formed from amino acids (sugars) that become the new strands from the memory of the old. You will watch them as they continue to build one by one until they climb up eight rungs of the ladder. Each side is counted as one step, so there is a total of sixteen steps. After you watch this climbing and building process you will see strands of rainbow light come into the chromosome and be capped off at the top with a beautiful pearl iridescent white cap that looks like a shoestring top. This is called the telomere; the telomere is responsible for our staying young.

The Laws of Time
When the command is made that the Activation is done, the Creator shows you the process in a version that your mind can accept. The second you are into the Master Cell you are bending the Laws of Time. The work that you are doing takes place in a fraction of a second, so for you to actually see it, your brain has to slow it down to visualize it from where it has already happened (it’s already done), before it is registered in the brain. All you have to say to visualize it is “ Creator, show me.” 

The Telomere 
As we get older, the telomere on the cap of the chromosome becomes thinner and worn. The telomere is composed of repeating sequences, various proteins and acts to protect the terminal ends of chromosomes. This prevents chromosomal fraying and keeps the ends of the chromosome from being processed as a double strand DNA break. Telomeres are extended by telomerases, specialized reverse enzymes that are involved in synthesis of telomeres in humans and many other, but not all organisms. 

If telomeres become too short, they will potentially unfold from their closed structure. It is thought that the cell detects this uncapping as DNA damage and will enter cellular aging, growth arrest or apoptosis depending on the cell's genetic background. Apoptosis is a form of cell death necessary to make way for new cells and to remove cells whose DNA has been damaged to the point at which cancerous change is liable to occur. Uncapped telomeres also result in chromosomal fusions. Since this damage cannot be repaired in normal somatic cells, the cell may even go into apoptosis. Many aging-related diseases are linked to shortened telomeres. Organs deteriorate as more and more of their cells die off or enter cellular aging. This is why it is so important that you witness the telomere being formed on the end of the chromosomes. 

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