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Mr. Mediocrity

Have you ever noticed a voice in your head that fills you with doubt and fear, sabotaging your results? That voice is not your own and it is something that plagues even the best of us. I like to call this voice Mr. Mediocrity because that is the result that you will get if you listen. He loves to stop by when we are having a bad day and lash out at those who are around us. We try to excuse his actions by saying I didn't mean for that to come out. The problem is that he loves to come around while we are feeling down because that is when we are most susceptible to believing his words. If you have ever experienced this then I have good news for you. There is a way to be gone with him. You see, Mr. Mediocrity only visits those who are vulnerable because of emotional imbalances. If you identify and remove these imbalances you become less attractive to Mr. Mediocrity and he no longer wants to come around. If you would like assistance in this process and more useful tips for keeping him away schedule an Emotion Code Session today.