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40 Signs You Were Meant To Be A Spiritual Healer

spiritual healer

The path to success is never easy, especially when you’re searching for your purpose or calling in this life. While there are thousands of different jobs available in the business market today, the occupation of spiritual healing might seem so intriguing, interesting, and rewarding to you that you can’t fathom the idea of settling for yet another mundane office job or uninspiring side gig.

Spiritual healing, or the form of treatment through prayer, energy manipulation, and emotion balancing, is used by practitioners the world over to help ease people of emotional, physical, and mental ailments. As much of an art as a skill, spiritual healers are remarkably unique individuals who possess distinct characteristics that aid in their healing abilities.

If you’re interested in becoming a spiritual healer, check out this extensive list of 40 traits commonly found in professionals of holistic health and alternative healing.

1. You’re highly empathetic You naturally absorb the energies of others to a point where you physically experience anxious and depressive emotions and feelings. Because of this hypersensitivity, being surrounded by large crowds and loud places can often feel uncomfortable.

2. You’re sensitive Though it may be one of your greatest gifts, being overly sensitive can often make you feel like you’re drowning in emotions that may not necessarily be your own. Healers are able to channel these emotions and energies toward healing and recovery.

4. You’ve got life experiences The best healers have typically worked through their own trials, tribulations, heartaches, and hard times. By drawing on the lessons and growth you’ve learned from these experiences, you’ll be able to assist others on their own paths to personal healing.

9. Helping people is your purpose Most spiritual healers feel that their sole purpose on this earth is to help and heal others. If you feel this way – like helping others is your only job and any money earned is simply an added benefit – consider investing your skills and passions into the art of spiritual healing.

23. You can control your own energy Being able to control the energy in and around yourself is another trait of spiritual healing. Unlike others who have little control over their emotions and energies, you have the ability not only to distinguish between energies, but you can also alter and adjust them to aid in your own personal healing as well as the healing of those around you.

27. You’re feel spurred to show others deeper levels of consciousness Do you feel a shift happening in our global consciousness? Do you feel a natural inclination to help those around you reach deeper levels of spiritual and emotional understanding? If so, you’re likely displaying healing characteristics.

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