The Body Code

The body code is a state-of-the-art healing technique to identify and correct imbalances in six different areas. 
My most popular service, designed to help get rid trapped emotions and correct other imbalances in the body. Sessions can either be for working toward general wellness, o...
Emotion Code/Body Code Session
30 min


To correct imbalance in this category, we use simple yet powerful energy work to identify and remove damaging emotional and mental energies that can get trapped in the body during stressful and emotional events.


Destructive and often elusive viral, bacterial, fungal, mold, and parasitic infections can be identified and brought to awareness along with the necessary remedy needed to assist the body in getting rid of the invaders. 

Circuits & Systems

Here we balance the energy systems of the body including chakras, acupuncture meridians, connections between the spiritual and physical bodies and the energy circuits of the organs and glands. 


Imbalances or misalignments of the bones, organs, connective tissue, muscles and nerves can be addressed gently and non-invasively to restore stability to the physical structure of the body. 


You can find and address toxic substances and excesses that might not show up on medical tests. The Body Code teaches you how to best cleanse the body and also how to release toxins energetically. 

Nutrition & Lifestyle

Discovering a particular need such as a healing food, a nutrient, an herb, pure water, a particular type of exercise or activity, more or less magnetic energy, or one of many other things can help you to restore balance.

The human body has a truly incredible built-in ability to heal itself from all kinds of stress, trauma sickness and disease. But this self-healing ability is dependent on the right conditions; the body must be in a relative state of balance in order to heal properly. When the body is imbalanced, problems are allowed to build up and some are never able to be removed or resolved. The good news is that this process is often completely reversible, but some kind of intervention is needed. This is where the Body Code comes in. 

The Body Code can uncover and help you to solve more challenging or complex health issues than the Emotion Code on its own. (The Emotion Code is an important but small part of The Body Code.)

Just about any imbalance that can affect the body is listed in The Body Code Mind Maps. Removing imbalances restores a state of harmony to the body, which allows it to heal itself. This means pain, disease and other issues can finally resolve, while restoring better energy levels, immune function and emotional and mental wellness. 

All the information you need to find and fix imbalances is stored in the ultra intelligent subconscious mind, and The Body Code can help identify this information with no guessing involved. Once an imbalance is identified, something can be done about it. Some imbalances require a change in diet or lifestyle, but most will be simple energetic releases that take only seconds to clear. In order to make these energetic changes, The Body Code combines three elements for healing: the power of the healer's intention, the ancient energy therapy of magnets and an ancient principle of Chinese Medicine, specifically Meridian Therapy. Putting magnetically charged intention energy into the body's meridians allows the energy to flow through the entire body instantly. This either releases negative energy or restores balance to that part of the energy body, depending on what the healer was intending to do. This procedure is gentle, non-invasive and pain free, while providing profound results that are in many cases, immediate. 

Working with a Certified Practitioner using the Body Code Healing System has helped thousands of people create a profound shift in their emotional and physical well-being. Try it today and watch your best possible health become your new reality. To Schedule a session with Ryan Whetten click on the link below.